Working together to diminish the impact of psychiatric illness

The Taylor Family Institute for Innovative Psychiatric Research seeks to eradicate mental illness by exploring and developing new treatments and therapies for psychiatric disorders.

Team of doctors at the taylor family institute

Our Progress

Since the institute’s inception, our team has developed and tested neurosteroids as neuropsychiatric treatments.

Institute work has resulted in successful clinical trials, expansion of research into neuroactive cholesterol metabolites, and other work.

Our Current Studies

The Institute continues its work on neurosteroids and focus on depression while also moving into the realm of oxysterols and psychosis.

Current studies focus on topics such as subtypes of GABA receptors in drug effects, binding sites on transmitter receptors important for drug actions, brain circuits important for behaviors involved in neuropsychiatric dysfunction, studies of early childhood mood disorders, and more.  

Steven Mennerick in lab

Research training opportunities

Students and trainees can work alongside investigators at the Taylor Family Institute and receive formalized training and mentorship through various programs at Washington University School of Medicine.

Our Unique Approach

Network iconExpertise across disciplines

The Institute brings together a broad, innovative network of collaborators dedicated to drug discovery, the development of novel therapeutics, lifestyle interventions and clinical applications.

Globe iconAccelerating time to market

Our unique industry partnership with Sage Therapeutics promotes opportunities for novel biochemical targets to travel more rapidly down the drug development pipeline and into clinical application.

Dollar bills iconFlexible funding from donors

The pipeline from drug discovery to clinical application and treatment requires significant funding, often unavailable from government sources. The Taylor Family and other donors make our work possible.