Education and training

Students and trainees can contribute the Taylor Family Institute’s research and receive formalized training through various programs at Washington University School of Medicine.

Washington University offers opportunities at multiple stages of training and in topics from basic investigation through clinical research (and all translational levels in between).

The following programs all provide opportunities to train with institute core investigators and affiliates who work on innovative psychiatric research:

Faculty openings

The Taylor Family Institute for Innovative Psychiatric Research, in conjunction with Department of Psychiatry at Washington University School of Medicine, is recruiting investigators at all academic levels.

The focus of our search is on psychopharmacology, broadly defined. Individuals with an MD/PhD, MD, or PhD with postdoctoral experience are eligible. Investigators with research programs in human inducible cell technologies, neuropharmacology, ion channels, chemical biology, and medicinal chemistry are particularly encouraged to apply, but any area of modern neuroscience will be considered.

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Please contact Steven Mennerick, PhD, at

Steven Mennerick, Ph.D.

Steven Mennerick, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychiatry

Dr. Steven Mennerick was appointed scientific director of the Taylor Institute in 2017 and heads a Basic Psychopharmacology Unit within the Institute. He is a Vice Chair of Research in the Psychiatry Department and has been involved administratively in graduate programs and education initiatives.