Caring for mom & baby

Children’s outcomes improve when perinatal mental health issues are addressed.

Hard-to-treat depression in seniors focus of $13.5 million study

Goal is to identify strategies most likely to work for specific patients

Nagele honored by Society of Biological Psychiatry

Award recognizes standout research published in the journal Biological Psychiatry

Exploring a new way to diagnose mental illness

New grant from the National Institute of Mental Health will fund study of structural and functional connectivity of patients with psychiatric disorders.

Laughing gas studied as depression treatment

Results from pilot study indicate improvement after receiving nitrous oxide in two-thirds of patients with treatment-resistant depression.

New clue to autism found inside brain cells

Study indicates activity of mGlu5 receptors plays role in memory, social and cognitive problems.

New target explored for psychiatric drug development

Naturally occurring molecule could offer new treatments for schizophrenia and other mental illnesses.

Human Connectome Project releases data on brain connectivity

Initial data from groundbreaking study includes brain imaging and behavioral information.

Medication and talk therapy for anxiety in seniors

New multicenter study finds escitalopram and cognitive behavioral therapy, when used in combination, are effective in treating anxiety disorders in older adults.

Brain differences seen in depressed preschoolers

Study from Washington University researchers shows elevated activity in the amygdala of preschoolers with depression.

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